Remote conferencing and communication

As we start to navigate our way though the coming months and years after the Covid-19 pandemic businesses will have to approach company communications and conferencing in different ways.

We at Shaw AV pride ourselves in our ability to provide our services in any circumstances so it is with this in mind we are now offering enhanced remote conferencing services.

In a world where we need to maintain social distancing, your ability to bring people together in any great number is severely restricted and will be for some time.

In essence we propose to stream conferences to your audience from your head office or a selected venue.
A traditional conference in it’s simplest form is a production, so it is easily adapted to a streamed broadcast production.
This production will include all traditional elements of a conference such as graphics, speakers and also allow for question and answers sessions from remote delegates.
It will also be possible to provide break out room sessions to selected delegates as you would require from syndicate room set up.

Shaw Audio Visual is ideally suited to this new way of providing conferencing, as we have a track record of providing conference services, but also a wealth of experience in production facilities.
This experience is critical to provide this form conferencing as we will need to draw upon our wide range of technical disciplines within Shaw Audio Visual.

Our new service will at all times adhere to social distancing guidance as we only require the main speakers to assemble together so keeping the number of physical participants as low as possible.

We will adapt the scope of this service as restrictions change, but we are certain that this will prove to be the best way forward for conferencing for some time to come.

Please feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to chat about what can be done, how it will done and how it can be achieved.